i love how no one messes with avatar the last airbender. there are people who are like, wow you watch doctor who? fucking nerd. you watch anime? gosh you’re such a weirdo. you watch avatar the last airbender? oh man you know that’s pretty cool so um what kind of bender would you be omg isn’t toph badass and don’t get me started on appa

The Best Thing That EVER happened at my job

Me: Did you find everything ok today Sir?

Male Customer: Yeah everything was fine, but prices on the cat food just keep going up! I remember when it was only .30 a can! But I bet you don't, you're like what...20?

Me: 21, but yes.

Male Customer: God you're young, I bet you'd never go out with someone my age, unless you have some Daddy issues

Me: ...........

Male Customer: so do you like working here? Are you in school?

Me: Your total today is 21.38 Sir.

Male Customer: Are you seeing anyone?

Me: ......Cash or Credit Sir?

Male Customer: When do you get off work?

Male co-worker comes up next to me: Everything ok?

Male Customer: Yeah we're fine

Male Co-worker: Actually I think you're being really rude

Male Customer: What are you her boyfriend?

Male co-worker: No I'm not. And even if I was, why would it matter? Her job is to ring up your items, make sure your shopping experience was pleasant and give you change. You're making really creepy comments to a young woman you don't even know at a cash register, it's not ok.

Male Customer: You can't talk to me that way! I want to speak to your manager.

Me: It's really ok, everything is Ok

Male Co-worker: No no, I'll go ahead and call our FEMALE boss up here to address any grievances you might have *Sir*

Male Customer: slams down 25 dollars grabs his bags and leave*

Male Co-worker: You don't even have to take anyone's shit here. If anyone even looks at you funny, pick up that phone, call a manager, call me, call another co-worker and it will be handled. You are a valued employee and you deserve to feel safe and respected at work by *everyone*

Customers think they're so fucking entitled...

Me: Alrighty, I just need ID for this credit card.

Customer: Why?

Me: Customers with unsigned credit cards are required to present ID, it's to prevent card fraud or identity theft.

Customer: I don't have ID.

Me: Then unfortunately I can't use this card.

Customer: Are you serious?? I've NEVER been carded before. You can't do anything??

Me: It's a law in this state and our store's policy, I'm sorry sir there's nothing I can do..

Customer: *turns to random person* Excuse me miss can I borrow your ID?

Me: You can't use a stranger's ID, they have to be related to you. That's against the law, and I could be terminated from my job.

Customer: Wow, you can't just pretend?

Me: Sorry, I'm not really in the mood to break the law and sacrifice my job just to give you this $5 game.


[someone mentions fifty shades of grey in the break room]
Me: that’s an unsafe portrayal of bdsm and I can get u better ones




11 question survey.

Rule #1, always post the rules.
Rule #2, answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones.
Rule #3, tag 11 people then link them in the post.
Rule #4, tell them you tagged them.
Rule #5, tell the person that tagged you when you’ve answered the question.


So, I wanna thank knotted-ribs for tagging me in this, i’m sorry if i didn’t have the best answers to some of the questions, but i tried.

For the people I’m going to tag in this I wanna say that it did take me a while to do the answers for this so if I tag you and you really don’t wanna do it, don’t feel like you have to. So basically just reblog this post, delete my answers to the old questions, then answer the new ones I give you. The people I’m tagging are: theangrymarshmallow, knotted-ribs, corpus-ren, musica-mundana


My questions to answer are:

1. What is the best thing about your personality, and why?

I’m not sure if this is technically part of my personality, but I think my ability to intensely focus on a goal and problem-solve. OR, another way—like in my practicing music— the ability to approach an issue with zero emotion or self-judgement and simply work on it until it’s better or the problem is solved. 

2. What is your favorite part of body, and why?

It’s probably a tie between collarbones and the area around the hip bones. Collarbones because they appear and feel so delicate, even though they’re actually strong. (Also the area just below the collarbones that’s softer to the touch. Mmm.) Hip bones because of the way a hand fits around them like they’re handles for…well, y’know.

3. Describe your first kiss.

My first kiss was totally planned out on my part. I was absolutely terrified of kissing, because I had never done it before (duh!)…so I looked up many different how-to’s of kissing on the internet. One suggestion (I think it was from ask men) I basically copied exactly and turned it into my strategy. I made a point to emphasize this teasing idea of “good things come to those who wait” with my girlfriend at the time (I’m not sure if we were official yet, but it doesn’t matter. On the day of the kiss, here’s how it went down: we were in the park, we had a blanket set out and we were having a picnic. I forget the details of how we got to this point, but the mood built up and it felt right so I asked her to close her eyes. I scooted in really close to her right ear and whispered “Good things come…”, then slowly brushed along her face to the other ear (lingering around the lips for effect along the way) then whispered in the other ear “…to those who wait.” And I don’t know how much time passed in between that and the kiss because my hard was pounding at a million miles a minute, but I waited a bit and then kissed her. It took a lot of courage, but I think it’s safe to say my method was very effective.

4. What is your favourite song, and why?

This is impossible for me to answer because I have so many favorites, but here’s some of my favorites from the top of my head:

Bottomfeeder by Amanda Palmer (or really the whole album, Theatre is Evil)

-Two Sisters by Andrew Bird on his album Music of Hair

-True Affection by The Blow

And many more!

5. What are the three best things about your best friend?

I’m not sure if I really have a best friend right now… :s 
But my friends at school all accept my weirdness and encourage my flute playing, plus when we hang out we get along really well.

6. What is your greatest childhood memory?

Probably causing trouble in preschool. I did that a lot. I was a real troublemaker through the first half of elementary school, actually. I was bored! And I would find things to do that weren’t necessarily allowed.

7. Can you think of a time when you stood up for somebody, or helped someone, friend or stranger?

Recently, I remember standing up to theangrymarshmallow’s mother when she barged into marshie’s apartment one morning telling us to get up and blaming her for something. Her mother ignored me though, I think.

8. Are you part of any religion of faith, which one?

Technically my family is Catholic, but I don’t really identify with it. 

9. What book should I read next? Whats it about and why did you like it?

You should read The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. It’s about a man, when he was still a boy, and his terrifying adventure with the girl who lived down the lane. There’s magic and reflection on what it means to be an adult from a child’s perspective, and it’s all written in Gaiman’s uniquely enchanting prose.

10. Do you prefer to settle down and stay in one place, or move and change constantly. 

I haven’t had much experience moving around, but I think I’d prefer to settle down in one place and visit other places frequently. 

11. What made you smile today?

My theology teacher was asking us about our summers, and I told her about my time at Wildacres (flute retreat)…she told me her sister plays flute and often tells her about what flute retreats are like as far as growth as a musician and also learning about yourself as a person and personal growth through experiences with people she meets at retreat— she asked me if that’s what it was like for me, and I must have made a huge smile when I said yes because she commented on the fact that I smiled! :)

My questions for you:

  1. What’s a happy thought that you find yourself thinking over and over again?
  2. Who is your favorite person in the world?
  3. Do you know any jokes?
  4. What do you like to do for fun?
  5. Name one thing that you secretly like but that you haven’t told anyone about.
  6. What’s your favorite photograph? (Post it if you can)
  7. If you could recommend one thing for everybody to try, what would it be?
  8. Do you watch anime? If so, list your top three.
  9. Quote something random you said today. (the more out of context/weird/funny, the better!)
  10. What makes up a good day, in your opinion?
  11. What made you smile today?


what you think won’t.
what you don’t think will.

don’t think.



Being friends with me consists of me sending you bad jokes at 2:47 in the morning

listen up you motherfucker



Being friends with me consists of me sending you bad jokes at 2:47 in the morning

listen up you motherfucker




The nod:


The nonchalant stare:


The side-eye of disappointment:


The ‘so you didn’t practise’:


The ‘I’m quite enjoying this’ dance:


The guilt-inducing sigh:


The pre-audition/exam:


The Best Ever:


OMG, loved this post with al my heart, seriously, but it made me feel kind of sad because… I don’t remember when was the last timeI had a serious teacher :(